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Antoni Garcia Lamolla (1910-1981)

Antoni Garcia Lamolla was born in Barcelona. He was a Catalan painter with a Logicofobist style and member of the ADLAN Group, who, in his early years, would be related to the Lleida circle of the Art magazine.
The Logicophobist Group was a group of the Catalan artistic avant-garde formed in January 1936, that pursued the synthesis of spiritualism and surrealism.
Although he would become, together with Dalí and Miró, one of the most relevant artists within the Spanish surrealist scene of the 30s, he did not achieve the same recognition. He was primarily responsible for the introduction of surrealism in Catalonia.
His artistic career was restricted by the civil war, but from his exile in France he would work as an illustrator for libertarian publications and for many magazines of Catalan and Spanish cultural exile, putting his work at the service of the Republic and the revolution.
He would not return from exile until 1960, from which time he would make visits to Spain, first sporadic and then more frequent, to present his works in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.
At present, we can find work by Lamolla in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya or in the Museu d'Art Jaume Morera in Lleida.