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Dino Masiero Sauber (1969-)

Dino Masiero Sauber was born in the town of Venado Tuerto, Argentina. From childhood he was interested in art. He later graduated from the College of Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Argentina), obtaining the titles of Bachelor of Painting and Sculpture. Since 1987 he has had numerous solo exhibitions of his drawings, paintings and sculptures. He also took part in a number of group exhibitions and was often a guest artist at major galleries in Argentina.
In 2002 he was a special guest at the exhibition Painters pampa gringa in the Legislature of the City of Cordoba. In 2004 he had his first retrospective, in the Museum of Fine Arts in Cordoba. He participated in various local and provincial art competitions and exhibitions, obtaining national and international prizes and awards. In addition he has had numerous sculptural monuments sited in major cities in Argentina.
He currently teaches in his private academy.