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Dominique Hoffer (1951-)

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Dominique Hoffer worked as a commercial airline pilot, but in 1988, she left this carreer behind and and dedicated herself to painting. She now lives and works in a small village in the Canton de Vaud.
She likes to create strange, unusual, poetic situations often involving natural scenes, human beings, animals and objects often realted to transport. She lived in South Africa for many years an imagery in her work often reflects its particular environment.
She says "I try to create an atmosphere, by installing my elements in improbable situations and treat them in a realistic way. I try to produce a surprising image, in which the gaze of the viewer is going to be captivated by its strangeness... "
Her painting technique is meticulous and detailed, using glazes, three or four layers of colour applied with varnishes.
Dominique Hoffer says that her paintings are not an easy application of paint but are the result of a constant struggle - "Sometimes, in the course of my work, I have to face the fact that such an element does not suit me anymore, is badly placed, or then something clearly is missing. A inner battle ensues to restore the missing harmony. I consider my painting to be finished only when no more doubt comes to disturb my vision". But to her viewers her paintings appear serene and assured - this struggle is in no way obvious.
She quickly developed a large clientele and has had many exhibitions in galleries and art shows.

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