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Dragomir Minkov (-)

Dragomir Minkov was born in town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. After he graduated from the School of Fine Art in Tryavna, he worked for many years as a designer in the advertising and radio business. In 2011 he established himself as a full-time artist, signing his paintings as 'Drago'.
His style draws from a variety of influences but is clearly rooted in neo-surrealism, fantasy art, symbolism and magical realism. It seems he is especially drawn to the Dalíesque style of surrealism, often with metamorphosed figures set on a beach with distant hills, though some of his works show the influence of Magritte. He works primarily in oils, but also enjoys working with pencils, ink and mixed media. Many of his artworks have been purchased for private and institutional collections in Bulgaria, Poland, USA, Australia, Switzerland and Finland.
He said:- "My source of inspiration is the world that surrounds us, but my art is not literally 'realistic', quite the contrary - it is a sort of travel into a magical parallel world, where the real actions are activating imaginative reactions. In my art I keep searching for the balance between the real and unreal, true and false, past and future."