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Jaroslaw Jasnikowski (1976 - )

Jaroslaw Jasnikowski was born in Legnica in Poland. He started painting in 1991 under the guidance of Miroslawy Lickiewicz, a Legnica artist and educator. At that time, the main inspiration for Jasnikowski was the art which illustrated Science-Fiction. In the mid 90s he discovered the work of Salvador Dali and other surrealists, and in 1998, having attended an exhibition of Wojciech Siudmak in Legnica and meeting with the artist himself, he decided to devote himself to working in surrealism or fantastic realism. He took a degree in painting in 2001 at the School of Fine Arts in Glogów, under the direction of painter and poet Telemachus Pilitsidisa.
Jasnikowski's work was quickly recognised, so much so, that he became one of the leading exponents of fantastic realism in Poland, and his paintings are in collections all over the world. He paints a number of themes, often involving strange, impossible flying machines, and he likes to morph the human body into architectural structures. He also often depicts human flesh flowing like soft wax.