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Marcelo Suaznabar (1970-)

Marcelo Suaznabar was born in the mining city of Oruro in Bolivia. He was the youngest of six brothers, and from an early age, he developed a passion for drawing, motivated by his uncle Enrique Suaznabar, a professional photographer who lived in the same city. He began exploring the media of watercolors, pastels, and coloured pencils, and his youthful work focused on painting insects, animals, houses and portraits on paper and cardboard.
At age 16 Marcelo began exhibiting his work as part of group shows, accomplished without formal art training. Later he completed a course in art at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile. in 1992.
Later he moved to Canada and was exhibited in several countries in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Asia. He has had over 30 solo shows in museums and galleries in Bolivia, Chile, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala and over 200 group shows shown all over the world. His work is represented in the collections of National Museum of Art, La Paz Bolivia, Ralli Museum, Punta del Este Uruguay, Museum UNIS Rozas-BotrĂ¡n Foundation, Guatemala, Centre of Art of Baie St Paul, Quebec Canada and private collections in South America, Canada, United States, Mexico, Asia and Europe.
His influences come mainly from Bruegel, Bosch, Carrington, Dali, Kahlo, Remedios Varo and he borrows elements from the pictorial language of Bridget Tichenor.