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Paul Struck (1928-2015)

Paul Struck was born in Kassel. In 1947 he attended the Abitur Humanistic Gymnasium in Wiesbaden and in 1951 studied at the art academy in Kassel. Later he trained as a stage and costume designer at the Hessian State Theatre in Wiesbaden.
From 1952 he was a set and costume designer for television and for theatres in Germany, France, Yugoslavia and Austria. In 1971 his collaboration with Janine Charrat of the 'Ballet de France' in Paris and the Yugoslav composer and conductor Boris Papandopulo in Yugoslavia and Vienna was of particular importance.
He was also a guest set designer at the Bad Hersfeld Festival, at ZDF and at various theatres.
From 1972 he turned his attention to painting and only occasionally took on work as a guest stage designer.
His first large individual exhibition in Berlin in 1973/4, was organized by Kreuzberg Art Office for the opening of their building on Mariannenplatz.
Since 1960 he created around 500 oil paintings, drawings and graphic works, as well as twenty-two tarot cards, the Ansata Tarot, 1981 based on suggestions from B.A. Mertz.
He was a master of fantastic realism, the surreal, the world of metamorphoses and mythologies, wonder, dreams and magic worlds. In his works the bizarre and bizarre appear as normal.
Paul Struck was skilled in the styles of old master painting, such as Dürer and Hieronymus Bosch.