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Herbert Weinmüller-Gaiger (1950 - 2015)

Herbert Weinm├╝ller-Gaiger was born in Ennsbach, Austria and later lived and worked in Vienna. He has participated in many single and group exhibitions in Austria, Holland, Belgium and Italy. His paintings have been acquired by public and private collections in Austria and internationally.
He was a member of the professional Association of Austrian Visual Artists and a number of other bodies
To paraphrase the text on the Facebook page devoted to his work:-
"It was his special concern to place the human being into his paintings, but in a critical manner and to hold a mirror up to people showing them their beautiful facade, but also what lies behind it. His images are thus often very appealing at first glance but then the content encourages the viewer to think more deeply. His paintings often have an underlying narrative, in which, emerging from the centre of man, fear, uncertainty, loneliness, inadequacy, death and eternity, love and happiness are woven together in a very unique way to create new images."
He was a figurative artist who believed that representational painting is better suited to depict issues that are too complex for a purely spontaneous, emotional style of art.