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William Girometti (1924-1998)

William Girometti was born in Milan where he spent his childhood and early years, becoming involved with the Accademia di Brera around the time of the Second World War. Afterwards, he began traveling and living in other Italian cities. In Ferrara, and in particular Pontelagoscuro, in the early 1950s, he came into contact with a group of young painters (including Tito Salomoni) with whom he would establish a strong friendship and who would encourage him in making painting his career.
Initially, in fact, he had devoted himself to sculpture, which he did not completely abandon until the end of the 1960s.
Towards the end of the 1950s he spent a period of time studying and working in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Sweden before returning to Italy to divide his time between Milan and Ferrara. In particular, he exhibited his works numerous times in Milan in shows at the Museo della Permanente.
In 1971 he started to lay the foundations for his Surrealist works and in 1973 exhibited at "Il Collezionista" art gallery in Bologna.
His first Surrealist works were inspired by the reality surrounding him, and were centered around themes of philosophy and ecology or dedicated to musicians and literary figures. Even his portraits acquired a surreal character.
He has had many international exhibitions.